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Welcome to the Reformed Church of Saugerties!

The mission of the Reformed Church of Saugerties
is loving all people
and lighting the way to Christ.

            The foundation of this church is based on love.  Love of God and love of the church family.  The strength of this love is expressed through its outreach of caring, generosity and support of its members as well as the community.  

          Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.  The Reformed Church of Saugerties is a small, friendly church and visitors are made to feel welcome through personal contact. The church’s ministry extends to outside of the church, generous when able, to those in need.

           The church has been blessed with the “Sounds of Joy” choir providing wonderful music for worship.  The music is further enhanced by the historic 1892 Roosevelt Pipe Organ.   Theatrical presentations open to the community have provided inspiration to many.

           The church building and parsonage are on the main street of Saugerties.  The church serves as a community center for various groups:  Giant Steps (day care center), NA and the community band.  The well- maintained property and the various activities at the church, witnesses that the church is alive and a presence in the village.

           The church recognizes the changes evolving and is eager to explore new avenues to grow the church.   The church joined with other local Reformed churches for joint worship services and this collaboration may also provide other opportunities:  outreach for children/youth, seniors, etc.  The church is flexible; open to change.

          The strength of this church is not in its numbers, but in its faith of its people, through the grace of God.









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last update:  May 21, 2024


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