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Then, Now and the Future

            The Reformed Church of Saugerties has a long history in this area dating back originally to its first joint meeting with St. Paul's Lutheran Church in 1730. Back then the church was known as the Katsbaan Reformed Church. In 1826 it became part of the town of Saugerties and the name of the church was changed to The Reformed Church of Saugerties.  The church moved into the Village in 1839.  In 1852 the congregation moved to its new worship center at 173 Main Street which is our present location.  The Church has been an integral part of the Village of Saugerties since its earliest days in 1839.

            The Sanctuary: The design and plan for this building was the work of architect

James Renwick Jr. from a New York City firm. Renwick is noted for design of

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan, NY and the Smithsonian Museum in

Washington D.C.  Bearing an air of Gothic spirit with the steep roof and large

windows, the style might be called simplified Romanesque. Such features as the

arch vaulted ceiling and the rounded arches of the windows, the straight and arched lines of the doorway, the circular rose window over the entrance and the tower

adjoining the building suggest this style also. The sanctuary is well known for its exceptional acoustical qualities and is host for a number of concerts during the year.

           There is a consistency to the Reformed Church of Saugerties.  Located on Main St. in Saugerties since the 1800's, the church has been a meeting place for outside groups.  Maintaining the church buildings and property is an integral part of the church's continued witness to being a living, breathing functioning entity.   A goal is to encourage others to make use of the facilities.  This church is a gift and needs to be shared.           

    The goals of the Church are two fold: to enhance the spiritual life and fellowship of current members as well as new ones and to maintain the physical integrity of church buildings. We hear the Word of God, and create sacred space when we worship together. We strive to have our worship live up to the beauty and grandeur of our architecture.

come and see the stained glass windows


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