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What To Know


What does it mean to be reformed?

The Reformed Church of Saugerties of the RCA is a mainline Protestant Church. Its lineage dates back to the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the 16th century. The split of the western Christian church was initiated by a widespread belief that there was corruption within the church. This separation eventually led to a number of Protestant denominations in Europe. One of those denominations was the Dutch Reformed Church. In 1628 the first Dutch Reformed Church opened in lower Manhattan. The denomination quickly grew further north along the Hudson River as the West Indies Trade business expanded. Now called the Reformed Church in America, the denomination has grown to approximately 250,000 members nation wide.


The Reformed Church is a confessional church, meaning that it confesses to specific creeds and statements of doctrine and faith. The Reformed Church has a presbyterian polity where authority is divided among representative bodies: consistories, classes, regional synods, and the General Synod. The General Synod meets annually and is the representative body of the entire Church, establishing its policies, programs, and agenda.



The church has a blended worship service. The semi-traditional style of the service is interspersed with more contemporary music at times; making use musically not only of our beautiful pipe organ, but also piano as well as other instrumentalists.


Service Hours

Sunday morning worship convenes at 10:30am from Labor Day through the end of June. Summer courtyard services begin at 10:00am from July to Labor Day. Special services take place throughout the year. Check the website regularly for a schedule of those services.



The Reformed Church of Saugerties is located in the heart of the village across from the movie theatre - 173 Main Street, Saugerties, NY 12477. See the "Directions" tab for map.



The church is handicapped accessible and has a chair lift for use by those who need it.  Please use the back entrance for the church from the municipal parking lot. 


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